Altinkaya Holiday Resort | About Us

Sobre o Título

Altınkaya Holiday Resort Hotel is the pearl of Northern Cyprus / Kyrenia region to which it is affiliated with its splendor, quality and customer satisfaction oriented service. You can choose one of our room types that will host you in the comfort of your home and enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable holiday with your family or friends. Rising like a star among Northern Cyprus hotels, Altınkaya Holiday Resort Hotel is waiting to welcome you, its valued guests.

It will give you and your loved ones an unforgettable experience from the first day to the last, with its buffet, which carries pieces from all the world cuisines, its personnel who have undergone months of training in order to pave the way for good service, special activities and all its facilities.

You will feel the difference while staying at Altınkaya Holiday Resort Hotel and you will definitely make a reservation to experience this beauty again.